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Replying to and Forwarding Answers
Replying to and Forwarding Answers

How to close the loop with your customers

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

One of the most critical parts of NPS is acting on the feedback you get, as this is how you convert detractors into promoters, and turn your promoters into brand advocates. After all, it's much cheaper to save an existing customer than to find a new one, and promoters are free and high impact marketing!

To do this, we recommend responding to answers, and there a few key features we have that help with this.

Reply directly to a customer

As long as the answer you want to respond to has an email address (because you are using "our email" channel, or passed it through as recipient data in any other channel), you'll be able to reply directly to that customer.

Clicking on the "reply" button will open up an email for you, with some information pre-populated for you, and you're ready to go!

Forward answers within your organisation

If you're not the right person to respond directly to a customer, it probably makes sense to pass it onto someone else. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Forward an individual answer

This opens an email with the content of that answer, that you can send on.

Forward all filtered answers

Sometimes you want to forward all the answers you've filtered for at once. This opens an email with the content of the answers that fit your current filters.

NB: There are limits on the number of characters in an email, so after a certain point, we will cut off the emails. In future, our aim will be to generate multiple emails to get around this problem!

Create a shared link

Another option for forwarding all responses is to create a shared link. This will generate a URL with all the filtered responses, which you can share with anyone, disregarding if they have a zenloop account or not.
NB: The link is static and is not updated with new responses.
For security reasons, the link has an expiration time of 30 days. After that you can simply generate a new link and share it again. 

Export via API
If you'd prefer to get these answers into your own system, you can use our API to do so. From here you can re-direct them anywhere else (for instance a ticketing system like Zendesk).
For more details see our documentation

Use our alerts
Have answers fitting rules that you set sent directly to email addresses of your choice, or use our webhook functionality.
For alerts best practices, see this article
For an introduction to webhooks, see our article on the topic


Solutions to common questions:

Q – What about integrations to platform (X)?

A – We don't currently offer any direct integrations, but there are a couple we are seriously considering. If this is important to you, leave us a note in your intercom chat bubble at the bottom of the page!

Q – Can I select specific answers to reply to or forward?

A – Unfortunately, not yet. But, do let us know if this is important to you!

Q – I tried to forward all answers, but some of them didn't come through?

A – Most email clients have a limit on the amount of text that fits into them, so we do have to cut off the answers after a certain point. You can use the shared link option instead.

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