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Setting up NPS Alerts
Setting up NPS Alerts

How to monitor and get Alerts for your NPS fluctuations.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

A NPS alert sends you an email every time your NPS drops or jumps significantly. This article takes you through the basic setup process and some best practices tips.

Getting Started with NPS Alerts

Setting up NPS alerts is a quick 3 step process:

1. Navigate to the zenloop "Act" page.

2. Add an alert, choosing the rules you want the alert to follow:

  • Select frequency: daily, weekly or monthly.
    Based on it, your NPS of the last time period (e.g. last week) will be compared to the cumulative NPS of preceding X time periods (e.g. the cumulative NPS of the last 4 weeks). 

  • Specify minimum responses threshold for the currently monitored time period triggering the NPS alert (e.g. if the minimum responses threshold wasn’t met for last week, alert will not be triggered, even if NPS is substantially lower/higher) 

3. Add a list of comma-separated emails that will be contacted each time the alert is triggered.

Managing Your NPS Alerts

You can return to your alerts and edit them at any time – changing  the criteria or the emails. 

Best Practices for NPS Alerts

We recommend to always set up a reasonable responses threshold, based on your previous data. Measuring NPS fluctuations only makes sense in the context of responses. 


Answers to common questions:

Q – Can I send alerts to people outside my organisation?

A – Yes (though you should probably get their permission first!)

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