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Setting up Webhooks
Setting up Webhooks

How to use a webhook for your alerts

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Think of webhooks as a way of us automatically pushing information to your system, rather than you pulling it from us, as you would with our API. By providing us with a URL, we post any feedbacks that fit the criteria you set, from which point you can use them in any way you like!

Getting Started

To setup the webhook login to our web interface and:

  1. Go to the Act page --> click on the Webhook option.

  2. Add a new webhook to the list.

  3. Add your preferred URL and save the webhook.

  4. Grab the comments from that URL as they come in and direct them anywhere you like (your own system, a ticketing or messaging system - Zendesk, Slack etc.).

You can see the technical details of a webhook implementation here.

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