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Setting Up zenloop Email Channel
Setting Up zenloop Email Channel

How to send out NPS via zenloop's Email Channel.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Our email channel allows us to send out an NPS survey on your behalf to recipients that you upload. You can customize the survey, add recipients and then send it out to start collecting feedback!

This is our easiest to use channel – all you need is a list of emails to get started, which you can upload manually or using CSV/XLSX. This makes it perfect for piloting NPS, or collecting feedback from your team or after events. Meanwhile, our more powerful API option lets you trigger emails to be sent automatically. 

We find this really useful for regular events – for example understanding how your customers feel about your brand after your product has been delivered.

Getting started

Setting up our application survey is a quick 3 step process:

  1. Create and customize your survey through our application

  2. Add recipients (manual and CSV/XLSX require no technical support, for API see our documentation (
    Optional: Add properties to enrich your data

  3. Review and launch your survey

Making changes

If you want to make changes to any part of the survey, or you want to add more recipients at a later date, use the edit function for that survey.


Solutions to common questions:

Q – Will my email be responsive?

A – Our emails are designed to be mobile responsive and show the scores vertically for easier scoring by recipients.

Q – I tested the survey, but it looks strange in my email client.

A – While we have tried to optimise our emails for the major email clients, we can’t guarantee every single scenario. However, if you let us know, we can try to look into it!

Q – Some of the emails are going through to spam, is there anything we can do?

A – We’re really sorry, and we are constantly working on our email design to avoid anything that triggers spam filters. Please do let us know if this has happened to you, so that we can work to improve this.

Q – Can I test my survey before sending it?

A – Of course! On both the design and launch steps of the survey, we have a test button that allows you to send out the survey to any email address without it counting as an answer.

Q – My survey is active – does that mean any recipients I add will be sent immediately?

A – This depends on how you are adding recipients. If you are using our API, surveys will be added automatically. However, if you have added recipients manually or using CSV/XLSX, these will only be sent out if you click on "Send Now".

Q – Can I see the recipients I have sent the survey to?

A – Definitely. To download this list go to the Responses section of the survey, and export the recipient history to get a full view of recipients, whether they’ve responded, and if any have unsubscribed.

Q – Do I have to add properties?

A – No, these are not required, but will help you segment your data more easily (how best to use properties).

Q – What happens if someone answers an email multiple times?

A – We track each email individually, so we treat each answer as an update, rather than a new submission


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