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Choosing your Properties
Choosing your Properties

How to get the most value out of the properties you add

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Properties are additional information attached to each recipient, and are the best way for you to segment and track your recipients across any survey channel!

While anything can be added as a property here at zenloop, we see two main use cases: tracking and segmentation.

Tracking information makes it easier to reconcile our data with your own, or contact the recipient directly:

  • Customer or User ID

  • Additional contact details (like a phone number).

Segment information makes it easier to filter your information, identify trends and prioritize the most important feedback to respond to:

  • Customer segment (value, channel, behaviour, new vs. returning)

  • Product or brand that was purchased

  • Geography and language

  • Demographics (age, education, income bracket).

For detailed information on how to implement properties for your channel, you can see the following articles:

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