Using Topics

Leverage your Topics to identify pitfalls along your customer journey and route feedback to the correct stakeholders.

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Responses Overview

On the Responses page, you can choose and combine both Topics and Subtopics to get the filtered view you’re after.

To help you prioritize, we provide a count of the number of times each Topic and Subtopic was mentioned for that survey:

You also have the possibility to search for both Topics and Subtopics.


Within the response, only the lowest Subtopic (the Topic with the keywords) will be displayed.

Select the down arrow to show the full Topic architecture:

Topics without a down arrow do not contain Subtopics.

By combining Topics with Properties or particular score ranges, you can get an even more detailed understanding of exactly what strengths and weaknesses are coming out of your customer feedback.

Analytics Charts

You are also able to filter for Topics within zenloop’s Analytic Charts and the Drivers charts completely utilises Topics to understand and analyze your customer feedback.

For more information, click here.

Act Alerts

zenloop’s Act Alerts are also filterable by Topic. For example, you can filter an Email Report by Topic to ensure your stakeholders get tailored information.

For more information on zenloop’s Act, click here.

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