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Configuring Your Topics
Configuring Your Topics

Build an individualized labeling architecture to meet the specific needs of your customers using Topics.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
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With upto 4* levels, you can easily understand your customer’s satisfaction by automatically labeling and categorizing incoming written feedback. This enables increased granularity for your analysis, more context to issues and more targeted Act Alerts.

On creation of your zenloop organization, you will have a general Topic (and keyword) structure already available. The structure is completely customizable and we strongly recommend adjusting it to fit your business.


Adding a Topic

To add a Topic;

1. Navigate to Menu < Topics:

2. Select Add Topic, enter the Topic name and press Enter:

Note: Topics cannot have the same name.

Adding a Subtopic

You have the possibility to create up-to 3 sub-levels*. To add a Subtopic;

1. Go to the Topic and select ⁝

2. Add Subtopic, enter the name and press enter:


  • The number of Subtopics on each level is unlimited

  • When creating the first Subtopic, the keywords are automatically transferred to the Subtopic

  • Keywords always live on the lowest level of the structure

Adding Keywords

For more information on adding keywords, as well as some best practice tips, see “FAQ Keywords”.

Deleting Topics and Subtopics

To delete Topics and/or Subtopics;

1. Go to the Topic and select ⁝

2. Delete Topic/Subtopic:

*The number of Subtopics is dictated by your plan. For more information, please reach out to your Success Manager.

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