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How to Integrate an Email Embed Survey in Jira
How to Integrate an Email Embed Survey in Jira

Easily automate sending email surveys in Jira after specific events, like ticket closure.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

1. Create an Email Embed survey and copy the HTML code

2. In Jira, navigate to Project Settings:

3. In Project Settings, select Automation < Create rule:

4. Select the relevant Trigger to start the execution of a rule. For this example we will use 'Issue transitioned':

5. Add the Rule;

  • From status: [empty] β†’ Match all statuses

  • To status: Done β†’ the rule will be triggered after moving the ticket to 'Done' status

6. Save. Add component will appear

7. Select New action

8. Add the Action. For this case, we select Send Email:

9. In the Email Configuration, fill out the following fields;

  • To: select Reporter to send an automated email to the reporter of the ticket

  • Subject: The email subject to be displayed in the inbox

  • Content: Paste the HTML survey code you copied in Step 1.

Open "More options" and uncheck the "Convert line breaks to HTML line breaks":

10. Save, give your automation a name and turn it on!


  • The identity will be the Ticket Reporter (per Step 9)

  • To add additional ticket information as Properties, please adjust the HTML code as described here

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