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Assign Zendesk Ticket Assignee Using Properties
Assign Zendesk Ticket Assignee Using Properties

Use Properties to automatically assign the Assignee to your Zendesk Tickets.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Are you using the zenloop connect app in Zendesk to collect feedback after a customer service interaction?

But what should you do with this feedback? In this article, we will show you how to automatically assign the Customer Service Agent who was responsible for the original interaction as the assignee of the new Zendesk ticket.

* Please note the ticket assignment will occur based on answer Properties so please make sure the relevant information is being sent to zenloop - e.g. agent_id, agent_name etc. See Step 3 here

2. Setup an Alert which opens a new ticket whenever a feedback is received in zenloop. The ticket contains a Subject + Internal Note and looks like this:

3. In Zendesk, navigate to Admin < Triggers:

4. Select Add trigger

5. Give the trigger a Trigger name, Description (optional) & assign a Category

6. Add the Condition as follows (either ALL or ANY depending on your setup).

For example, to assign based on agent_id:

a. Ticket < Comment text

b. Contains the following string

c. agent_id

7. Scroll to Actions < Add action

8. Select Ticket < Assignee = [CS agent]

9. Select Save


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