zenloop Connect for Zendesk is an app that you can install in your Zendesk account and that lets you gather customer feedback after Zendesk events (e.g. the case is closed).

Downloading and installing zenloop app in Zendesk

1) Log in to your Zendesk account, go to the Marketplace and find zenloop Connect app page

2) Click "Install"

3) Select your account to install the app

4) You will be redirected to your Zendesk account to the app settings page, please insert your zenloop email and password there and click "Install"

5) After that, you should see the zenloop icon on your toolbar

Creating zenloop email survey

1) Go back to zenloop, click the "Listen" tab and create new "Embed in Your Emails" survey

2) Customize the survey in a way you want to send it to the customer after e.g. the case is closed

Configuring the zenloop app

1) Go to your Zendesk account and click the zenloop icon on your toolbar and click "Create"

2) In the "Basic" tab, name your integration and select the survey you have created in the previous step (Embed in Your Emails)

2) In the "Mail" tab define the email subject and body

3) In the "Properties" tab you can select properties you want to send to zenloop together with the response. You can add more rows with the values from Zendesk, but the default ones are shown on below screenshot

4) Click the "Submit" button on the bottom

After that, the email survey from zenloop will be sent after the case in Zendesk is closed.

If you go to Admin > Business Rules > Triggers you should see a new trigger that has been automatically created

with the default condition to send the email after the status of the case is "solved". If you want to test it first, you can change conditions, please see more below in the "Testing" section.

it will also add the tag "zenloop_sent" to avoid sending the survey again when the case is reopened and closed again


1) If you want to test the integration, go to the "Triggers" settings again and add a condition to send a survey only, when e.g. the ticket is assigned to a specific, test user. Remember to save these changes.

2) After that, you can go to your tickets, add a new one and assign it to the person from the trigger. You should also add yourself as a Requester to get a test email.

3) Close the ticket and check your e-mail account. You should receive a test survey!

4) If the testing phase went well, feel free to delete the condition with "Assignee" from the Triggers so it can be sent to all closed cases. You can also add your own conditions to send a survey whenever you want.


Example of the email with "Hello" as a "Mail text before survey" and "Bye" as a "Mail text after survey"

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