Zapier Integration

Use Zapier to forward survey responses to your business apps

Written by Lisa Rentrop
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Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps, moving information between them automatically, without coding.  
To make interaction between zenloop and your business apps effortless, we built a Zapier integration. Zapier makes it easy to send your surveys' responses to the app of your choice, as long as it is available on Zapier. 


  1. Go to Zapier, login to your account and click “Make a Zap” 

  2. Select Zenloop as a Trigger app. 

3. Select  “New Survey Response” as a Trigger

4. Choose your Zenloop account and enter login details. 

5. Choose the Survey and filters. 

6. Choose an Action App - app, that you want to send your responses to, for example, Trello. Enter your Trello account details.

7. Choose an Action - what happens on the app when the new response comes in - for example "Create a Card".
Here you should specify where the data from the responses should be posted. In the example below, the score and score type would become the name of the Trello Card, while the comment and recipient details would be within the description of the card.

8. After successful test, name and activate your Zap. 

Solutions to common questions:

Q – Are there any limitations?

A – Number of responses that we can post to your app through Zapier might be limited by your Zapier account.  Check your Zapier plan information regarding the maximum number of tasks per month. All responses that exceed this limit will be dropped.

Q – Which application can I choose to connect zenloop to?

You can choose any application which exists in the Zapier library. We are working on creating templates (descriptive examples of zenloop integrations with other apps on Zapier ) for the most common tools. 


Q – Can I add new survey recipients with the help of Zapier?

Yes, you can add new recipients to your email surveys using Zapier. For more information, please check our documentation.

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