Adding Recipients via Zapier

Find out how to add new survey recipients to your email surveys, using Zapier

Written by Lisa Rentrop
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With the help of Zapier you can add new recipients to an existing survey. Just choose a source, that will serve as a Trigger app and connect it to zenloop as an Action app. Make sure your chosen source is available on Zapier and can be user as a Trigger.

Adding new recipients through Zapier is only possible for the email channel surveys. You need to have an email survey already created, before you proceed to Zapier.


  1. Select Trigger app - your selected source, that will push the email address of the new survey recipient to zenloop. The example of the Trigger app might be Salesforce.

  2. Select Trigger event - any new event in your selected source, that will serve as a trigger for adding a new recipient. As an example of Trigger event might be when a "New Contact" is created in Salesforce.

3. Select zenloop as an Action app.

4. Select “Create Survey Recipient” as an Action event.

5. Select survey - Zapier will present for the selection a list of all available email surveys from your zenloop account.

6. Within the Recipient email field, select the dynamic field from the Trigger app, that contains an email.
Make sure this field in your chosen application contains a valid email, otherwise an error will occur.

7. Optionally you can select properties - additional information attached to recipient, which makes it easier to track and segment your recipients. You can read more about properties here.
For adding properties in Zapier, important is to follow the format we suggested.
Note: In case if the Trigger app dynamic fields, which correspond to the property, don't contain any values, an error will occur.

8. After successful tests, activate the Zap.

Solutions to common questions:

Q – Are there any limitations?

A – Number of recipients that you can add to zenloop through Zapier might be limited by your Zapier account.  Check your Zapier’s plan information regarding the maximum number of tasks per month. All recipients that exceed this limit, will be dropped.

Q – Which source can I choose to connect zenloop to?

A – You can choose any application which exists in the Zapier library. We’re working on creating templates (descriptive examples of zenloop integrations via Zapier) for the most common tools.

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