Digests are a way to receive regular updates on your surveys - a daily, weekly or monthly email that gives you the score from that period, your trend, and a view of your score over time.

Getting Started

Setting up digests is a quick 3 step process:

  1. Navigate to the Act page.
  2. Add a digest, choosing the time period - daily, weekly, or monthly
  3. Choose who you want to be notified via email. This can include people who are not currently users of zenloop - in case you want to share your progress!

Managing Your Digests

You can return to your digests and edit them at any time - changing either the time period or the recipients


Solutions to common questions:

Q – Can I have multiple digests for a single survey?

A – Yes. This can be helpful when you have different audiences. Maybe customer support wants to receive the digest on a daily basis, but management needs a monthly snapshot. Tailor your digests to suit these use cases!

Q – Can I send alerts to people outside my organisation?

A – Yes (though you should probably get their permission first!)

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