Act page is a great way to prioritise your feedback and really bring home the voice of the customer to the right audience in your organisation. We've provided a couple of use cases here to give you some ideas!

Quick Response to Urgent Comments

Set up an email alert for detractors who left you a comment (or if you need to make life easier, for detractors who give a particularly low score), so that you can quickly respond. Add labels to provide a quick overview of the issues and better filter the issues you respond to You can even use our webhook to direct these responses directly into a ticketing system like Zendesk.

Spread the voice of the customer throughout your organization

Send through chosen comments (maybe those 10s!) to anyone in your organization to help everyone get a feel for how your customers are using and responding to your product. A lot of CEOs get every 0 score sent directly to them, so that they can personally understand or respond to particularly upset customers. To add an extra layer of sophistication, use labels to even better target these notifications - delivery related responses can go to logistics, while website related answers go to your developers.

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