Alerts send you a message (via email) every time an answer comes in that fits the criteria you set. This article takes you through the basic set up process, but we've also got some great tips for alerts best practices.

Getting Started

Setting up alerts is a quick 3 step process:

  1. Navigate to the Act page.
  2. Add an alert, choosing the rules you want the alert to follow. Choose the score range (from 0 - 10), whether you only want to receive alerts if your customer left a comment, and add any labels that you want to act as triggers for the alert.
  3. Choose how you want to be notified. Add a list of comma-separated emails that will be contacted each time the alert is triggered.

Managing Your Alerts

You can return to your alerts and edit them at any time - changing either the criteria or the delivery method


Solutions to common questions:

Q – Can I use the same alert across multiple surveys?

A – No. We find it most effective to have a single alert tailored to a single survey - particularly as we continue to expand on the functionality of each alert

Q – Can I send alerts to people outside my organisation?

A – Yes (though you should probably get their permission first!)

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