It's possible to integrate a zenloop Email Embed survey into the email signature of a Dixa email address to enable your customers to provide feedback on the interaction.

Adding zenloop survey to Dixa Email Signature

1. Create an Email Embed survey and copy the HTML code

2. In Dixa, navigate to Settings < Email < Setup to create your email address

3. In the Edit < Email Signature place the HTML code you copied in Step 1.

4. Save

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Identity & Property Placeholders

You can add some Dixa placeholders to the HTML Code from Step 1 in order to attach identities and properties to the response:

  • {{organization_name}} - Inserts the organisation name from Settings > Organization & Team

  • {{agent_firstname}} - Inserts the agent’s first name from Settings > Profile

  • {{agent_fullname}} - Inserts the agent’s full name from Settings > Profile

  • {{csid}} - Inserts the current conversation id number

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