Use zenloop's Email Reports to send out individually configured reports to stakeholders based on Touchpoint and/or Topics.


1. Summary of NPS and Trend

2. Percentage breakdown of Promoter, Passive and Detractors

3. NPS trend over time

4. Analysis of the Most Problematic Areas

5. Latest comments from these areas


  • Email Report Name: This title will be the email subject line of the report

  • Survey and Survey Groups: Survey or Survey Group of which the report will be sent

  • Time Range: Dictate what data should be included in the report → e.g. last 30 days

  • Smart Labels (optional): Filter your report based on a Smart Label

  • Time Aggregation: How the NPS and number of responses should be displayed → e.g. last 7 days

  • Send-Out Frequency: Select how often you want the report to be sent out → including how often and on what day or time

    • Please note: Selecting 'Skip weekends' will send the report on Monday if the send-out falls on a weekend

  • Recipient Emails: The people you want to send the report to

  • Test Send-Out: Send yourself a test before setting the report live

  • Active Email Report: Toggle the email report on & off

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