Reach out to your Success Manager to find out more about moving your existing labels to the new multi-level structure.

With Multi-Levels for Smart Labels you can increase the granularity of your analysis, gain more context to issues and send more targeted Act Alerts.

In this article we will show you how to;


Adding Multi-Levels for Smart Labels

To add Multi-Levels for Smart Label, navigate to Menu/your name < Smart Labels:

You have the possibility to build a Smart Label architecture with up to 4 levels of labels and it can vary by language. The architecture consist of;

1. Root Labels

The Root Label is the highest level of Smart Label and can be created via Add Label:

2. Sub-Labels

You can create up to 3 sub-label levels, however the number of labels on each level is unlimited. Sub-levels can be created via ⋯ < Add sub-label:

When creating additional sub-labels, the keywords allocated to the parent label will be automatically transferred to the sub label:

Tip: Hover over the Root Label to see how many sub-labels it has and use ﹀ to drop it down to reveal the sub-labels.

Naming the Labels

  • There can be more than one sub-label with the same name, as long as it's not belonging to the same Parent Label

Adding Keywords

  • Keywords can only be added to the lowest level in the structure

  • Keywords need to be unique per language. This means the same keyword can not exist in two labels of the same dictionary language

To Add Keywords, click here:

For more information on adding keywords - click here.

To Add Keywords directly from your customer's responses:

1. Highlight the keyword

2. Single click. An 'Add Keyword' pop-up will open

3. Use the down arrows to navigate to the desired Parent or Sub Label:

Managing Keywords

To Manage Keywords, either single select or Select All (appears once you've selected at least one keyword) to Edit them. Once in Edit mode, you can;

Move keywords:

Delete keywords:

Use the x to exit Edit mode.

Language Variants

You can connect Smart Labels between English or German and the other Smart Label languages.

Please note:

  • You can only connect labels that are on the same level (as above)

  • Sub-labels cannot be connected if their Parent Labels aren't connected

Deleting Labels

Delete Labels by clicking ⋯ < Delete Label:

Please note: If Root Labels are deleted, all their sub-labels and the respective keywords will be deleted.

For more information, please visit the below articles;

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