The premium version of User access management allows each user to have multiple roles within the zenloop app. Each role is linked to a survey group - which means you can use survey groups to limit the scope of each user role.

Let's consider the following example:

Your company operates within Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom and has multiple surveys across these touchpoints:

  • After checkout

  • After delivery

  • Product configuration

You, therefore, put your surveys into the following 6 survey groups (in bold):

Finally, you give your users the following user roles for the respective survey groups - so they can only access what they are working on:

Combinations of user roles

One survey can be a part of more than one survey group - which means a user can have more than one role for the same survey. For example in the User Roles table above - you can see that the IT Operations Manager - UK has access to the Product - UK survey twice:

  1. Admin access to the United Kingdom survey group and;

  2. Read-Only access to the Product configuration survey group

As a rule of thumb, the highest level of permissions wins. This means that while the IT Operations Manager - UK has full access to the surveys within the United Kingdom group, they will only have full access to the Product - UK survey within the Product configuration group and Read-Only access to Product - DE & Product AT.

All Surveys & Survey Groups: a "special" survey group

There is one "special" survey group which is called All Surveys & Survey Groups, and it includes all survey groups as well as individual surveys in your zenloop account. Access to this survey group means that the user can access all of the data in the app (the access level will be defined by the user's role that is linked to All Surveys & Survey Groups).

Users tab

The Users tab contains information about all your users within your zenloop account. For each user, you can see which survey groups he or she has access to, as well as which user roles are linked to each accessible survey group.

Survey Groups tab

The Survey Groups tab contains information about all survey groups created within your zenloop account. For each survey group, you can see which users have access to it, as well as which user roles are linked to each user. You can also see which surveys are included in a survey group by clicking the respective icon next to its name:

Permission scopes

There are two types of permission scopes: organisation-level and survey group-level.

  • Organisation-level permissions don't take into account which survey groups they are linked to and are applicable to your whole zenloop account. Once you’re assigned a user role in any survey group, you will also have the corresponding permissions which determine what you can do within the whole organisation. Examples of such permissions: Manage plans & billings, Edit & remove users, Create & edit survey groups.

  • Survey group-level permissions, on the other hand, do take into account which survey groups they are linked to and are only applicable within the scope of those survey groups. These permissions (once enabled) allow you to perform certain actions only within the scope of survey groups they are linked to. Examples of such permissions: View survey responses & analytics, Invite users, Create & edit surveys.

Adding users to survey groups

Only the Admin role allows managing users, i.e. changing their roles as well as removing them from the zenloop account. Other user roles only allow inviting new users to the app and adding existing users to new survey groups.

To add an existing user to a survey group where you have access yourself, you could do one of the following:

  • Click on the icon for the respective survey group on the Survey Groups tab:

  • Click on the respective icon on the Users tab and then select the survey group you would like to add the user to:

Then you would have to select a role you would like the user to have in the selected survey group.

Creating a new survey

When you create a new survey, you can include this survey into survey groups that you have access to. By default, the only survey group that the newly created survey becomes a part of is All Surveys & Survey Groups.

Please note: if you don't have access to All Surveys & Survey Groups and you have not selected any other survey group during survey creation then you will not be able to view the new survey after it has been created.

Frequently asked questions

Q: If I am an Admin within just one survey group, does it mean I can add surveys to any other survey group as well (for example, which I don't have access to)?

A: You can edit any survey group that you have access to (no matter under which user role) and you can add any accessible survey to it. However, if you don't have any access to a survey group (and as a result, its surveys) you won't be able to add surveys from this survey group to other survey groups.

Q: I have a user role in All Surveys & Survey Groups. Which permissions do I have in all other survey groups?

A: If you have access to All Surveys & Survey Groups, your role in that "special" group defines your permissions for all the data in the app (all other survey groups and individual surveys). For example, if you have Read-only access to All Surveys & Survey Groups - by default, you will have Read-only access for all the data in the app.

Q: I am an Analyst in All Surveys & Survey Groups, but I also have an Admin role for one other survey group. Which permissions do I have in that group then?

A: By default, you will have Analyst permissions for all data in the app. On top of that, you will have Admin permissions for the surveys that appear in the other group + Admin organisational-level permissions.

Q: I am an Analyst in Survey Group A, and I also have an Admin role for Survey Group B. Survey #1 is a part of both Survey Group A and Survey Group B. Which permissions do I have for that survey then?

A: In Survey Group A you will have Admin access for Survey #1, but Analyst permissions for the other surveys within Survey Group A. You will have full (Admin) permissions for Survey Group B + Admin organisational-level permissions. You will also have full (Admin) permissions for Survey #1 if you go directly to that survey’s page.

Q: If I want to add a user to a survey group that I have access to, what roles can I assign to this user?

A: It depends on your role within that survey group. Read-Only users can only assign the Read-Only role to other users; Analysts can assign the Analyst and Read-Only roles; Managers can assign the Manager, Analyst and Read-Only roles; Admins can assign any role. The same logic applies to new users who you would like to invite to the zenloop app.

Q: I am the Account Owner and I want to transfer my ownership to another user. Which roles will I have after the ownership transfer is complete?

A: When you initiate the transfer you can select any role within any number of survey groups. Those roles will be assigned to you after the transfer is complete.

Q: I am editing a survey but I can't see all survey groups that this survey belongs to. Why is that?

A: Only those survey groups where you can manage surveys are displayed in the respective dropdown list. There could be other survey groups that this survey is a part of, but those won't be displayed if you don't have the necessary access rights (i.e. to save this survey). Please note that even if you have the right to edit survey groups (which is an organisation-level permission), you still can only include those surveys that are currently accessible to you.

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