"How likely are you to   recommend [product / service / brand] to a friend or colleague?  Please give reasons for your answer."

Sounds very trivial at first, doesn't it?

Despite it´s simplicity,  the Net Promoter System provides you with a lot of insights that form the basis for concrete improvement measures and strengthen customer loyalty. The NPS associates customer loyalty with economic success and is  an indicator of the future success or failure of a company.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be used to query customer loyalty and thus the probability of recommendation for a company, a product or a service. The respondent can assign a value from 0 to 10. Based on the points awarded, customers are divided into detractors (0-6), passives (7-8) and promoters (9-10). In addition, the customer's comment provides information about individual problems and serves as constructive criticism.

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