1. Ask the right question and receive feedback

 A customer survey is quickly set up and sent. However, you should make a few preliminary considerations in order to gain as many insights as possible. Is there a specific contact point in your customer journey that you suspect isn't running smoothly? Then it would be a good idea to start at exactly this point and use the appropriate format (zenloop e-mail, e-mail embed, website overlay, etc.) to ask for feedback. One NPS survey is just the start. For long-term success, continuous querying, optimisation and customer orientation are necessary.

2. Understand your customers

Once collected, your customers´ feedback must be segmented and analyzed. Cluster and sort your survey responses by using our Smart Labels. Our automated analysis gives you a quick overview of the comments received and which topics and sentiments appear in them. This allows you to digest your feedback in a structured way.. Your next steps can be derived from the structured insights and your customers´ NPS score types. 

3. Act on your customers´ feedback
Based on the previous analysis, you should now have developed clear measures that need to be implemented. Your  goal should be to turn detractors into fans and to leverave the advocacy of your already existing fans (promoters).  Be it through referring a friend or  or writing a review  in an appropriate portal. The first step for winning back your detractors and strengthening your customers´ loyalty  is to apologize in case something went wrong and give them the feeling of being heard. 

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