If you ask precisely, you get clear results. The feedback on the NPS question allows you to identify your fans, critics and the current level of satisfaction at a glance. Lengthy analyses are not necessary. We recommend  to query at different customer touchpoints to identify pain points along your customer journey

If you set the NPS in relation to other customer data, you will gain immense knowledge. An important factor is the development of the NPS over time. A change of these values can allow conclusions to be drawn about the success or failure of the measures taken or can provide indication of seasonal phenomena.

By clustering customer feedback on the basis of various characteristics (segmentation), customer groups can be generated, which in turn can be used as a basis for further insights. Statements about different customer groups can be derived by relating your NPS results to further metadata.

As an example, information about which parcel service has delivered or whether the score was received by  a new or existing customer can be very insightful.  Poor performances for certain segments can be  identified to understand whereaction is required.

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