Let your customer take the center stage

In order to create a customer centric culture, your focus  must be on your customer´s needs and internal processes must be optimized accordingly. Your customer has to be present in your company. With zenloop, this is achieved through livestreams of incoming comments in the office and insight meetings, which should take place regularly. Insight and/or concise comments should be part of team meetings, so that all departments can align their actions with the customer's wishes.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)

WOMM is one of the most effective advertising tools, since recommendations from other users are classified as particularly trustworthy.

Usually promoters only need a small push (incentive) to share their enthusiasm with friends and colleagues. A Refer-A-Friend program is very suitable here. 

Making customer satisfaction visible

Unfortunately, a good NPS cannot be used to win new customers. Therefore, satisfied promoters must be motivated to give ratings on Google or other review portals.  This works well with incentives or smaller gifts.

If a detractor has revealed himself/herself as such, then it is called ACT RAPIDELY. Acquiring a new customer costs 5x more than  keeping an existing customer.  In order to win back your detractors, the customer should be surprised within the next 24h: With a coupon or flowers, or a call.  A call can sometimes be the best solution, because here the customer is really heard.  Keep in mind to use your customer lifetime value as orintation for your winback efforts.

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