Setting up on your Emarsys account:

  1. The first step is to create an API user as mentioned in the steps below:

Please note that only the Account Owner can create the API user. 

Setting up on your zenloop account:

2. On the integrations page in your Account Settings, please enter this User Name and Secret (obtained from your Emarsys account in Step 1) for Emarsys integration and “Connect”.

Clicking on Connect would take you to the next section where you will choose the  data that you would like to send to Emarsys.

Please  keep in mind that information like First Name, Last Name and Identity ID automatically get sent to Emarsys.  

All these fields will automatically be created for every alert set up.

Your Emarsys integration will only be completely set up when you choose the fields to be sent to Emarsys and you click on 'Finish'.

If you would like to stop sending the data above, please remember that editing the settings would not mean that the data fields would be deleted on Emarsys. You will have to delete the fields in your Emarsys account.

You can set up multiple integrations too and manage them all independently. In order to set up the next integration simply click on "+" icon, assign a name to your integration and follow the same setup steps.

3. After connecting the integration, set up an Emarsys trigger for the survey that you would like to send NPS data for and name the trigger. The name of the trigger will be used to name fields on Emarsys as shown in the following steps.

4. The Emarsys trigger could be set up either from the Responses page of the survey by adding the Emarsys alert or from Act > Integrations by adding a trigger for Emarsys and then choosing the survey for which you would like to set up the trigger.

If you set it up from Act > Integrations, please:

  • add the name of the trigger
  • select integration
  • select identifier (optional).

On this step you can choose if you'd like to use default email identifier (in this case leave that field empty), or you'd like to select a custom Identifier (in this case please select one of Emarsys Contact custom fields that will be use as an identifier).

  • select the survey that you would like to push data for

 If you set up the alert from the survey, please just name the trigger, which will also be appended to the fields on Emarsys and an integration for this survey.

5. On Emarsys, you should see the following fields on Contact populated by the response received (depending on the fields selected in the setup step):

  • Score - My alert
  • Score Type - My alert
  • Comment - My alert
  • Labels - My alert
  • Answer properties - My alert
  • Survey Title - My alert
  • Survey URL - My alert 
  • Response Time - My alert

This is how your Contact fields could look on Emarsys (if you choose to send data for all the fields):

Disconnecting the integration

6. When you disconnect the integration, all your Emarsys alerts will be automatically disabled.

Disabling the triggers

7. You can only disable the Emarsys alert, not delete it. If you would like to delete the fields created on Emarsys contacts, please delete them manually through the Field Editor on Emarsys. 

Please note that; 

  • If a contact already exists, the contact would be updated with the NPS data sent. 
  • If there are duplicate contacts on Emarsys with the same email, Emarsys would create a new contact and update the data sent from zenloop.

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