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We provide Smart Labels in 7 different languages. The account languages are English and German. You could switch between English and German in the left column. The labels are also available in Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Please ensure that when you add new labels or delete labels, there is consistency across all languages.

Connecting/Disconnecting Labels:

Clicking on an unconnected label and then clicking on another label that you want to connect will link them as shown below:

Clicking on the link icon will disconnect the two labels. 

Very important: If you have deleted a connection between labels in two languages (say English and German), please ensure that you delete the connections between these labels for the other languages as well. Not doing so may cause inconsistencies in analytics and any other information that you may be looking for. Consistency between all the languages is key for best results of these labels. 

Please keep in mind that if you have to connect labels, they have to be unconnected. If they are connected, please disconnect them first before connecting them together.

Adding Labels and Keywords:

Labels can be added by typing the Smart Label in the "Add Label" field and pressing “Enter”.

The Smart Label that was just added to the list opens up in the Smart Labels list. Add keywords corresponding to the Smart Label in the fields and press “Enter”.

We strongly recommend that if you have added a label in any language, you also add and connect labels in all the languages so it is accurately reflected in 'Responses' and 'Analytics'.

Editing Labels:

The label can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon as shown below, making the edits and clicking 'Enter'.

Please note that currently we don't allow keywords to be edited. You may delete the keyword you wish to edit and add the required keyword again.

Deleting Labels:

Connected: Deleting a label that is connected to another label will delete the connection as well as delete all the keywords along with the label.

Disconnected: Deleting a label that is not connected is straightforward. It will delete all the keywords associated with the label along with the label itself.

Please note that any changes made will take some time to be reflected across the app.

We are constantly improving this functionality. Please reach out to us if you have suggestions to make our service even better.

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