Forward zenloop responses directly to Salesforce to help your sales team close more deals based on this valuable data.


1. Make sure that your organization has API access.
Editions with API Access

2. Make sure that the account that you connect with our app has permissions to create/update/delete Salesforce Object that will store the answer data.

3. Prepare your Salesforce account. More information here.

4. Configure your Salesforce connection via Settings.

5. Create new Salesforce Integration on the Act page.

Solutions to common questions:

Q – When will I receive the first response?

A – We will post responses to your Salesforce, as soon as they arrive.

Q – Can I use the same Salesforce alert across multiple surveys?

A –  You can create multiple alerts, using the same Salesforce API, that you connected. Or you can use it for existing Groups of surveys.

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