Before a survey is published and goes out to customers, you can test it yourself.
The test function differs slightly from channel to channel.

Testing zenloop Email surveys

  • Testing is possible with the help of a test button, where a real e-mail address should be entered:

Testing Website surveys

We recommend you to test Website Embedded and Website Overlay surveys in a staging environment or on a less important page on your website. 

In order for test answers to not be counted in your NPS, the snippet "isTest = true" must be added to the URL. The code would look like this:

<script id="zl-website-overlay-loader" async src="<survey_hash_id>&isTest=true"></script>

Testing Email Embedded surveys

It is possible to add the URL parameter is_a_test to each scoring link, so that the answers are not counted:<survey_hash_id>/email_embed_response/10?is_a_test=true

Note: if you're using Mailchimp for Email Embedded surveys, we recommend to check Force identity protection in order to not count Mailchimp's test answers. 


Keep in mind, that test responses will be automatically deleted after 24 hours and filters won't apply to them (thus, you wouldn't be able to see properties attached to these responses). 

Attention: Deleting of real answers is not possible!

Answers without test parameters can not be deleted. Should it be the case that there are answers in a survey that should not be counted, we recommend duplicating the survey and publishing it instead.

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