We introduced a new feature to increase security of your website surveys. The “filter by domain” prevents you from being spammed by fake answers and becoming victims of DoS attacks.

When you add your domain name (e.g. mywebsite.com) within the survey creation process, the new survey response that arrives will be validated against this domain. Thus we are making sure that the response is indeed coming from your website and not from the attacker. 

We highly recommend you to add your domain name to all of your existing website overlay and website embedded surveys.

Note: This change concerns only website overlay and website embedded surveys. For protecting your email embedded surveys please read this article.

Solutions to common questions:

Q - Do I need to enter all possible subdomains?

A - We will automatically consider valid all of the variations of your domain, like mywebsite.com, www.mywebsite.com, https://something.mywebsite.com and so on.

Q - Do I need to change the re-implement the code of the website surveys on my website?

A - There is no need to change the survey implementation on your website. The change in domain will be active immediately.


Q - Can I test my surveys from my localhost or via other domains?

A - As long as a test flag is on ("isTest=true"), we will ignore the domain filter. 

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