If you curate multiple survey within one department you can create a group a surveys to make sure that you’re always in the loop whenever something goes off the track. 

The group will combine all the responses for chosen surveys into one view and will show you an aggregated NPS. Make sure it makes sense to combine chosen surveys together, since some of them might make your NPS data subjective and skewed (For example adding into one basket NPS survey for two different geographical markets, the aggregated NPS might be skewed because of the difference of the customer mentality, when giving you a score).

You can create alerts and digests for your groups. 

If you want to see specific survey responses, you can always check the survey separately from the dashboard or drill down to it using filters inside a group.

Editing and deleting of Survey Groups

You can add more surveys to a group or delete the group anytime. Deletion of the group won’t delete the surveys, but just the connection between them. 

You can add the same survey to as many groups as you wish.

Solutions to common questions

Q:  How many surveys can I add to the group?
A: There is no limit, just make sure your NPS data doesn't get diluted with the big volume of surveys.

Q: Can I delete the group?
A: You can delete the group anytime, without any effect on the surveys within the group.

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