On zenloop's Responses page, you can choose and combine labels to get the filtered view you want.

To help you prioritise, we provide a count of the number of times each label was mentioned for that survey.

By combining Smart Labels with Properties or particular score ranges, you can get an even more detailed understanding of exactly what strengths and weaknesses are coming out of your customer feedback. 

By saving or forwarding your answers you can also make sure key stakeholders in your organisation only see the answers that are most important to them


Solutions to common questions:

Q – Is there a way to see labels on the Analytics page?

A – Filtering by labels is available on charts like the 'Results' chart. The 'Top Labels' chart show the breakdown of comments according to the scores 

The 'Most Problematic Areas' chart as the name suggests refers to those labels that have the highest percentage of detractors comments.

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