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Notifications via Slack
Notifications via Slack

How to use Slack Incoming Webhook

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With the help of a Slack webhook you can have your survey's answers automatically posted to your organization's Slack account. 

In order to establish a Slack webhook:

  1. Choose a channel you want to receive updates from zenloop to.

  2. Copy the generated Webhook URL.

    4. Navigate to the Act page, click on the Slack option.
    5. Paste the Webhook URL to the Slack URL for webhook field.

Solutions to common questions:

Q – When I will receive the first response?

A – We will post responses to your Slack, as soon as they arrive.

Q – Can I use the same Slack alert across multiple surveys?

A –  You can create multiple alerts, using the same Slack Webhook URL, in that case you will get responses from multiple surveys to one channel. 

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