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Setting Up "Website Embedded" Channel
Setting Up "Website Embedded" Channel

How to embed your NPS survey into your website

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Our website embedded channel allows you to customize a snippet within our platform, before installing it on your website embedded in existing content.

This is great for after checkout surveys, or any other situation in which you really want the NPS Survey to blend into your existing content and website design.

Getting Started

Setting up the website embed is a quick 3 step process:

  1. Create and customize your survey through our web interface. Don't forget to specify the domain where survey will be implemented.

  2. On the implement step, we will generate a custom snippet for you to use (Optional): At this stage you can add identities and properties to track visitors and their responses

  3. Copy and paste this snippet onto your website (you may need help with this)

Your snippet should look something like this:

<script id="zl-website-overlay-loader" async src="<survey_hash_id>"></script>

Making changes

If you want to make changes to the content (change colours, content etc.), you can do this directly through our application without altering the snippet itself. We will then pass this through to your website

However, if additional customization is required (change all colours, font, and other styles), you can do this by including an extra stylesheet file that overwrites our default styles - for more details on this see our developer documentation


Solutions to common questions:

Q – Do I have to have recipients and/or properties?

A – No, these are not required, but will help you to respond to visitors later by storing their information. An identity (email) is required to add properties.

Q – Can I use the same survey on different pages?

A – Yes! Just use the same script.

Q – Can I stop the same visitor seeing the survey when they visit the page again?

A – Yes, just go to step "configure" and set a delay on when the survey appears, or limits on how often a visitor sees the survey.

Q – How would I test the script?

A – We suggest either doing so on a staging environment, or a non-critical website (for instance we tested on a privacy policy page before launching!).
Keep in mind, that test responses will be automatically deleted after 24 hours and filters won't apply to them (thus, you wouldn't be able to see properties attached to these responses). 

When testing, you should add &isTest=true to the script URL to avoid counting the answers:

<script id="zl-website-overlay-loader" async src="<survey_hash_id>&isTest=true"></script>
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