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Personalize Your Survey with Metatags
Personalize Your Survey with Metatags

How to add metatags to recipients to personalize survey elements

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Personalizing your NPS Surveys

To get the most out of your NPS, you can now personalize elements of your survey for each survey recipient for our email (API only), email embedded, website overlay and website embedded channels. What does this mean?

  • Change the survey question if you would like it to be more formal or informal, or ask about friends and family, rather than a friend or colleague.

  • Personalize the question subject: rather than asking your customer about the product, ask each customer about the specific product they bought, to get more targeted feedback, and help you compare NPS on a per product basis (great for targeted campaigns).

  • Personalize the request for comment or thank you note: similar to the question subject, you can refer to the specific transaction, or refer to any other useful information you have about the recipient.

  • Personalize the thank you link: take each recipient to a unique testimonial link or review site (or maybe just the promoters). Or give certain recipients a voucher just to thank them!

Implementing metatags


Solutions to common questions:

Q – What happens if I don't want to personalize one of these fields?

A – If a tag isn't provided, we'll choose the default option that you've set when you were creating the survey


Q – Wait, where exactly are all of these metatags in our survey?

A – Glad you asked...

Survey question and question subject

Request for comment

Thank you note

Thank you link and url

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