Using an Audience Poll

How and when to use an Audience Poll for NPS

Written by Lisa Rentrop
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Audience Poll

Our Audience Poll feature is tailor-made for collecting feedback by sharing a short link with a customised password to any audience. 

This feature is great for live feedback during conferences or training sessions, as our shortened link URL boosts response rates. You can also customise the access PIN, making sure it is meaningful to your audience.

Setting up your audience poll

The audience poll is a part of our link survey channel creation process, and enabling it is as easy as can be:

  1. Create a link survey, and customise it as you usually would on the design step

  2. On the share step, enable audience polling to see some immediate changes:

  3. The link will have shortened into something easier to type in

  4. A field will have appeared for you to add a PIN for your audience to access the survey

  5. Add and save a unique PIN (use any numbers or characters you like, and feel free to personalise it to your event)

  6. Add the link and PIN to any presentation to give access!

How it works

After enabling the audience poll feature, and setting an unique PIN:

  • The link takes audience members to a landing page where they can add the PIN

  • After successfully entering the PIN, they are taken to the scoring page of the survey, and from here the audience sees the survey you set up on the design step of the survey

  • The audience poll is completely anonymous

  • The PIN won’t expire, but you can change it any time – the only requirement is that it is unique


Solutions to common questions:

Q – What should I pick as a PIN?

A – We recommend picking something unique to your event or organization, but short enough not to frustrate people (4-8 characters tends to work well).


Q – Is it possible to change the language on the PIN entry page?

A – Unfortunately not. This page is universal across all surveys, so we’ve chosen English as the most common language.

Q – Is it possible to track who answered the survey?

A – Unfortunately not right now, the survey is completely anonymous.

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