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How to export data from zenloop in 4 different ways

Written by Lisa Rentrop
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You can export data from zenloop in these ways:

  1. Export filtered answers and properties via CSV

  2. Export all recipients (email channel only)

  3. Export all data using API

  4. Create a shared Link

1. Exporting Filtered Answers

From the responses page of any survey, it is possible to export the results for that survey via CSV. This export will apply any filters (dates, properties, score types etc.) that you have set, so if you want to export all your data this way, make sure to clear your filters first!

You will receive the score and comment, as well as basic recipient information

Note that if your answers contain any international characters (e.g. ß, ö, ü) Excel has problems reading CSV files (this is a universal problem). There are 3 possible solutions:

  1. Use a program which better handles CSV (like Google Sheets or Open Office)

  2. Open the file in Notepad and Save it as an ANSI encoded file before opening it with Excel

  3. Import the CSV in Excel using the following steps:

  • Open a new Excel File

  • In the Data tab click on “From Text”

  • Select the file containing your filtered answers

  • Select Delimited, and in the file origin field choose "65001 : Unicode (UTF-8)". Then click Next

  • On step 2 select the comma checkbox and follow the last prompts

2. Exporting all recipients (email channel only)

If you sent your survey using our email, we provide an option to view all the people you sent the survey to, and their status. From the recipient page of any survey, this CSV shows:

  • Whether the email was successfully delivered to the recipient

  • Whether each recipient has opened, clicked on or commented on the survey

  • Dates for these actions

  • Whether a recipient has unsubscribed

  • Which properties were uploaded

3. Export all data using API

Another option for forwarding all responses is to create a shared link. This will generate a URL with all the filtered responses, which you can share with anyone, disregarding if they have a zenloop account or not. 

NB: The link is static and is not updated with new responses.
For security reasons, the link has an expiration time of 30 days. After that you can simply generate a new link and share it again. 


Solutions to common questions:

Q – Should I remove any unsubscribed recipients from my own lists?

A – You should definitely consider removing unsubscribed recipients from other mailing lists you have, but we’ll automatically filter them from our send outs, so you don’t need to worry about that!


Q – Why do my properties come back in a different order to the order I added them?

A – As we process your properties, we can't guarantee the order they are processed in. In order to provide a consistent experience, we sort them alphabetically for your export. This means, that if you want consistency, just make sure to upload your properties in an alphabetic order!


Q – Can I export my smart labels?

A – Currently it is not possible to export smart labels.

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