Send individual email reports by Touchpoint or Topic using zenloop's Reports.

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Use zenloop's Reports to send out individually configured reports to stakeholders based on Touchpoint and/or Topics.


  • Email Report Name: This title will be the email subject line of the report

  • Survey and Survey Groups: Survey or Survey Group of which the report will be sent

  • Graphs and Tables: Pick and choose what Graphs and Tables you want to include in your report

  • Time Range: Dictate what data should be included in the report β†’ e.g. last 30 days

  • Filter for Topic/s (optional): Filter your report based on a Topic

  • Filter for Properties (optional): Filter your report based on a property

  • Time Aggregation: How the NPS and number of responses should be displayed β†’ e.g. last 7 days

  • Send-Out Frequency: Select how often you want the report to be sent out β†’ including how often and on what day or time

    • Please note: Selecting 'Skip weekends' will send the report on Monday if the send-out falls on a weekend

  • Recipient Emails: The people you want to send the report to

  • Test Send-Out: Send yourself a test before setting the report live

  • Active Email Report: Toggle the email report on & off


  • Report Settings:

    • Report Language: Adjust the language of the report to either English or German

    • Add the date range to the end of the email subject

    • Email subject differs from report name: Customise your Email Subject

  • Shown in Email Report:

    • Amount of shown comments: Adjust the number of comments shown in the report. The most recent comments will appear at the top and you can include up to 100 comments

    • Show Responses: from Detectors, Passives and/or Promoters

    • Show Topics: Display the selected Topics below Comments and in the Email's Header

  • Show Comments: Display comments in either Original Language or Translated (Only when Translation Engine is enabled)

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