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Customising Your Survey
Customising Your Survey

Customise your font, font size and logo using the Survey Editor.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

With zenloop's Survey Editor, you can easily customise your font, font size and logo of the landing pages to suit your brand identity.

Adjusting the Template Logo

Adjust your Template Logo by navigating to Design < Language & Visualisation within the Survey Editor.

Here you can change the Size (as above), or adjust the alignment under Position.

Adjusting the Font and Font Size

Update your font, font styling and size (excluding score labels) from the list.

Adjusting the Link Text

Additionally, make your Link more visible by adjusting the font styling and size of the link. To do this, navigate to Design < Thank You < Style.

Implementing these changes will have no effect on the HTML or Javascript code - so no update needed!

* Please note:

  • The customisation options are not available within the Mobile or Tablet channel

  • For Email Embed surveys - these changes will only be reflected in the survey landing pages. To customise the survey scale within your email template, please customise the HTML to your needs

  • The Website channels can be further customised via CSS styling. More here

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