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Inserting a Thank You Button on the Thank You Page (website channels)
Inserting a Thank You Button on the Thank You Page (website channels)

Add a link to the Thank You page of your website channels to forward Promoters to review sites like Trustpilot.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Disclaimer: Website Overlay and Website Embed channels only.

If the Thank You link is not so visible, you are able to replace it with a button for the website channels.

Please be aware that this is a workaround solution, and our support may be limited.

For example:

Live example here.

Full code with comments (capital letters):


var script = document.createElement('script');

script.type = 'text/javascript'; = 'zl-website-overlay-loader'

script.async = 'async';

script.src = ''; //SURVEY HASH ID


let observer = new MutationObserver((mutations) => {

mutations.forEach((mutation) => {

if (!mutation.addedNodes) return

for (let i = 0; i < mutation.addedNodes.length; i++) {

if(document.getElementById("button_1") == null) // CHECKING IF THE ELEMENT ALREADY EXISTS


document.getElementsByClassName("zl-thank-you-link")[0].outerHTML = '<center>Click the button below:<br><br><a style="text-decoration:none" href="" target="_blank"><button id="button_1" type="button" style="background-color: #53cdb5;margin:auto;display:flex;width:200px;height:60px;border:none;")> Google </button>'; // REPLACE LINK BY THE BUTTON WITH SOME INITIAL STYLING, TEXT ABOVE THE BUTTON AND THE URL TO BE REDIRECTED TO

document.getElementById("button_1").style.boxShadow = "0px 5px 40px -10px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.57)"; // BOX SHADOW

document.getElementById("button_1").style.fontSize = "16px"; // FONT SIZE

document.getElementById("button_1").style.fontFamily = "'Inter', sans-serif"; // FONT FAMILY

document.getElementById("button_1").style.color = "white"; // FONT COLOR

document.getElementById("button_1").style.alignItems = "center"; // POSITION

document.getElementById("button_1").style.justifyContent = "center" //POSITION

let node = mutation.addedNodes[i];


document.getElementsByClassName("zl-thank-you-link")[0].remove(); // REMOVE ORIGINAL LINK AND TEXT




observer.observe(document.body, {

childList: true,

subtree: true,

attributes: false,

characterData: false



Warning: the code may generate some errors in the console. For example:

Don't worry - nothing will be blocked and everything works fine. It only complains about elements that don't exist yet (and are a part of the thank you page)!

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