Set limitations on how often visitors see your Website Overlay survey.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
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Throttling enables you to limit how often your Website Overlay survey is triggered based on 2 criteria - seen and answered.

How does Throttling work?

For example if the Seen throttling is set to 5 days, once your customer has seen the survey, a cookie is dropped which is valid for the 5 days. Once expired, the survey is shown again and another cookie is dropped and so on.

By default, the Throttling settings are set to 0 days - which means the survey is triggered every time a visitor reaches the page.

After changing the Throttling settings (e.g. from 5 days to 10 days), the old settings (5 days) are valid until the cookie expires and the survey is shown. From then, the new settings are applied.

Please be aware that;

  • Setting the Throttling to too many days will result in a low answer rate

  • Throttling uses cookies to track whether a visitor has seen or answered a survey - so if a visitor is regularly deleting their cookies this will result in the survey appearing more often then your Throttling settings dictate

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