Live Feed

Live customer centricity company-wide and display customer feedback in real time for all departments and teams.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Live feeds are a great tool for displaying feedback at a glance to bring the customer into your office.

To setup a Live Feed;

1. Navigate to Act < Forward < Live Feed:

2. Select Add. A window will pop-up:

3. Configure the Live Feed by;

  • Giving it a name

  • Selecting the Survey or Survey Group

  • Filter by Smart Labels (if relevant) to customise per team

  • Filter by Properties

Under Advanced Options;

  • Select the Time Period for NPS Trend

  • Select Score types

  • Select Layout

4. Create and launch

Share the link of a TV or monitor in your office space - for example, zenloop has one in the kitchen!

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