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Attach Last Survey Score to Zendesk Requester
Attach Last Survey Score to Zendesk Requester

Use Zendesk Triggers to automatically assign last survey score to the ticket Requester in Zendesk.

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we will show you how to automatically attached the last survey score to the Requester in Zendesk:

1. In Zendesk, go to Admin < People: User Fields

2. Drag and drop Text from the right to the left to create a custom field:

3. Go to Admin < Business Rules: Triggers and select Add Trigger:

4. Give the trigger a name and description

5. Add a Category

6. Under Conditions < Meet ALL of the following conditions select Add condition and add it as follows:

*Note: 'Score: 1' would depend on how the score is appearing in the internal note that appears from the Zendesk Alert

7. Under Action, select the field you created in step 2 and enter how you want the field populated. For this example, 'Score: 1' is equal to a 1 star response to the survey

8. Select Create

9. Back in the Triggers overview, select Clone on the trigger you've just set-up:

10. Update the Trigger name

11. Under Conditions, update the comment text from 1 to 2:

12. Under Actions, update the Last NPS field:

13. Select Create

14. Repeat steps 9-13 for all remaining scores

Now, if you click on a Requesters profile - you can see their last NPS score which will update to always show the last score:

*Note: You can also use the 'Last NPS' field in other triggers โ†’ for example, if a recipient has forwarded feedback and their last response was a detractor response you can assign a higher priority

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