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How to Integrate zenloop Surveys in Freshdesk
How to Integrate zenloop Surveys in Freshdesk

How to include zenloop surveys into a Freshdesk email template

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Integrating a zenloop survey into a Freshdesk email template is quite simple:

  1. Create an Email Embed survey

  2. You receive an HTML code snippet in the last step

  3. Copy the code to a text editor on your desktop (TextEdit, Sublime, CotEditor) and save it as a .HTML file

You can now add recipient data to it, if you want. Some placeholders that can be used for that in Freshdesk are:

- {{ticket.requester.firstname}} - First name of the requester
- {{ticket.requester.lastname}} - Last name of the requester
- {{ticket.from_email}} - Email of the requester
- {{}} - Ticket ID
- {{}} - Agent name
- {{}} - Agent email

Other placeholders are available to check in the signature in Freshdesk under the "Insert Placeholder" button.

Here is an example of recipient data added to the HTML code snippet:


4. Open this file in your browser:

5. Select the survey using Command+a and copy it (Command+c).

6. Go to your Freshdesk account and click the Admin icon on the left toolbar, go to "Helpdesk Productivity" and click "Automations":

7. Select "Ticket Updates":

8. Create a new rule. Add all needed conditions (e.g. the ticket status is changed to closed):

9. Select the following actions:

  • Select "Send email to requester".

  • Customize your Subject

  • Insert an Email description

  • Paste the survey below:

10. Save the rule!

11. After closing the ticket, the requester will automatically get your email with a survey:

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