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Connect Your zenloop Account to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Connect Your zenloop Account to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Setting up on your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account

1. The first step is to create a package as mentioned in the steps below:

a) go to Setup/Apps/Installed packages section and click “new” in order to create a new package.

b) insert name and save.

c) add component

d) In the “add component” flow modal, please select the following options:

  • API integration

  • Server to Server

  • And properties as shown below:

It will be needed later on for deployment of the created trigger data file generated in zenloop.

Connecting the Salesforce Integration

1. On the Integrations page in your Account Settings, please enter your Client ID, Client Key and Authentication URL for Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration and click “Connect”.

Data to be inserted are shown in the package details that you have created in previous steps.

2. After connecting the Integration, set up a Salesforce Marketing Cloud trigger for the survey you would like to send NPS data for and name the trigger.

3. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud trigger can be set up either via:

(a) The Responses page of your survey by adding the Salesforce Marketing Cloud alert:


(b) via Act > Integrations by adding a trigger for Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

4. Once the trigger is set, please download the trigger data file that will need to be deployed in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Trigger data file deployment

  1. In the Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, please open the “Deployment Manager” app

2. Upload Trigger data file and deploy

3. Fields and forwarded data will be displayed in contact attributes

Disconnecting the Integration

When you disconnect the integration, all your Salesforce Marketing alerts will automatically be disabled.

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