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Unlock the power of direct customer feedback and start delivering more targeted, relevant customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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Dynamic Yield automates the personalisation of the customer's experience at each touchpoint of their journey.

Using the personalisation solution from Dynamic Yield, in combination with a zenloop survey, promoters and passive/detractors are detected in real time and personalised measures can immediately be put into motion to increase customer loyalty and win-back churn-risk customers.

Things to remember:

  • The survey needs to be a Website Overlay

  • The Survey ID that needs to be entered in Dynamic Yield is the survey's Public Hash ID. Please find this in the API settings

What are some things I can do with the Dynamic Yield integration?

Leveraging Dynamic Yield’s full suite of testing and targeting capabilities, you can tailor your personalized CX surveys, customizing everything from when and where the survey is triggered to who it will be served to.

But why would I want to do that?

One example could be that the promoters could be shown a banner or pop-up regarding a Referral program, whereas Detractors, on the other hand, can be shown a new discount code.

Other use-cases include:

  • Triggering a survey for first-time visitors who show signs of exiting the checkout flow and asking them to provide feedback about their shopping cart experience

  • Sending email surveys to customers who are at risk of churning to inquire about why they have not purchased an item in the last six months

  • Encouraging those customers who have had a positive shopping experience on-site but have not purchased an item in the last three months to make a purchase by sending them a personalized email with recommendations based on their affinity

  • Re-engaging promoters with an upgraded or special checkout flow showcasing invite-only product recommendations so as to provide an exclusive experience

  • Winning back users who have abandoned the checkout flow due to voucher code ineligibility by offering them new promotion codes upon their return to the webshop

Solutions to common questions:

Q - Can I still use Additional Questions?

A - Yes, additional questions will be displayed as usual.

Q - Can I use other zenloop survey channels?

A - At the moment, the integration only supports the Website Overlay channel but please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager for further information.

Q - Can I still capture Recipients & Properties?

A - Yes. You will need to configure the additional Recipient & Properties Javascript as you would a normal Website Overlay survey and add the custom snippet to the zenloop template within Dynamic Yield.

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