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Connect Your zenloop Account to Inxmail
Connect Your zenloop Account to Inxmail

This article will guide you through the process of connecting or disconnecting zenloop for Inxmail

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Connecting your Inxmail account to zenloop

1. On the Integrations page in your Account Settings, enter your User Name and Client Secret (obtained from your Inxmail account) for Inxmail integration and click “Connect”.

The corresponding access data is provided by Inxmail upon account creation.

2. Clicking on Connect will take you to the next section, in which you will be able to choose the data you would like to send to Inxmail. Please keep in mind that information like First Name, Last Name, and Email will automatically be sent to Inxmail. 

Your Inxmail integration will only be completely set up when you select the fields to be sent to Inxmail and click ‘Save’.

3. After connecting the integration, set up an Inxmail trigger for the survey you would like to send NPS data for and name the trigger. 

4. The Inxmail trigger can be set up either via (a) the Responses page of your survey by adding the Inxmail alert or (b) Act > Integrations by adding a trigger for Inxmail.

If you set it up  via Act > Integrations, please add the trigger name and select the survey that you would like to set up the trigger for.



5. On Inxmail, the following fields should be visible on Global settings > All recipients. These are filled-in based on the fields forwarded by zenloop (selected in the the second step).

6. On Inxmail, fields and columns can be edited and deleted manually in two ways. First, you can edit a single field as shown in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, a column can be deleted as shown in the screenshot below.

Disconnecting the Integration

7. When you disconnect the integration, all your Inxmail alerts will automatically be disabled.

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