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Trigger zenloop Surveys from Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud
Trigger zenloop Surveys from Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud

Trigger zenloop surveys directly from Salesforce

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

zenloop for Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud is an app that you can install on your Salesforce instance and that lets you:

  • embed NPS surveys directly into your Salesforce email templates (both Classic and Lightning)

  • gather customer feedback after key Salesforce events (e.g. customer case closed)

Setting up your zenloop account

After launching the zenloop app for Salesforce you will see the login page:

If you don't have a zenloop account yet, click on Sign up and fill out the form below.

After your new zenloop account has been successfully created, you will be taken to the main Survey Builder page.

Creating your first survey

On the Survey Builder page click on Create new survey:

You will be redirected to the main zenloop app where you will need to set up a new Email Embed survey:

  1. Create and configure a new Email Embed survey (more information on how to set up an Email Embed survey can be found here).

  2. On the Implement step select Salesforce as your Email Marketing Platform:

After creating the survey, go back to the Survey Builder in Salesforce and click on Refresh survey list. The newly created survey should appear in the list, and you can then select it.

Customising your survey with Salesforce merge fields

You can customise your survey using Salesforce merge fields (data fields which will be populated with your Salesforce data at the time of sending the survey).

Before you start customising your email survey, you need to select the following:

  • Related Object, the main Salesforce object that will be used for triggering the survey

  • Recipient Type, a secondary Salesforce object that is linked to Related Object

Fields belonging to both Related Object and Recipient Type can be used to customise your survey. The following survey customisation options are available:

  • Survey Question is the main question you would like to ask your customers

  • Identity Type can be email, custom or none, and it defines how you want to identify your customer in the zenloop app (custom should be used for any type of identity except email address). In case this is set to either email or custom, the Identity field below should also be filled in.

  • Identity is the Salesforce merge field you want to use to uniquely identify your customer in zenloop (e.g. email, phone number, ID number, etc.)

  • First Name and Last Name are optional Salesforce fields that you should use if you want to also pass the customer's full name to zenloop

  • Properties are optional Salesforce fields that will be passed on to zenloop (for more information on properties and how they can be efficiently used, please see this article)

To add a property:

  1. Select the Salesforce merge field you would like to pass on to zenloop

  2. Give it a name by filling in the Property Name field

  3. Click Add Property

Finishing your survey

After customising your survey you will need to:

  1. Make sure the survey looks good in the Snippet Preview window

  2. Select the email template you are going to use: Classic, Lightning or Visualforce

  3. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the resulting code snippet

  4. Paste the snippet into a Salesforce email template of your choice (make sure to replace all the contents of the template with the code snippet from zenloop)

  5. Set up the conditions in Salesforce when the survey should be sent out

Congratulations! That's it!

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