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Troubleshooting for Email Embed Channel
Troubleshooting for Email Embed Channel

List of problems that might occur

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

Following problems might occur:

Message: "Anonymous responses only" 

You can see this message if you have turned on "Block anonymous responses" toggle in the survey's settings area.  It might mean that identities are not being attached properly to your responses.

  1. Double check the implementation code

  2. Check if the Merge Tags for attaching identities follow the right structure, established by your email-server provider or your backend system (for example, for Mailchimp Merge Tags have following convention: *|MERGE|*, more info here )

  3. Test the survey, by sending it to yourself.

Alternatively turn off the "Block anonymous responses" toggle if you would like to receive responses without identities. 

No responses, even though the survey views are high

Possibly the scoring scale wasn't attached correctly to your email. Make sure that your email HTML/CSS code doesn't overrule the survey snippet, that you got from zenloop.

Multiple responses with the same score/comment within short time period

In this case we recommend you to turn on "Block anonymous responses" toggle, that will ensure that only 1 response from unique recipient will be accepted within 24 hours time frame.

Response from the same recipient on survey's Responses page is different from the Alert/Slack/Webhook/etc information. 

We send the response of a recipient via your chosen Act Trigger once the response was submitted. Nevertheless if the recipient comes back to your email and submits another score & comment on the same survey, the initial response will be overwritten on Responses page, but not in your 3rd party system.

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