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Duplicating a Survey
Duplicating a Survey

How to duplicate an existing survey

Written by Lisa Rentrop
Updated over a week ago

While your customer base grows and pipeline expands, you might want to have couple of shortcuts to make your survey creation process easier and more scalable.
That's why we introduced the possibility to duplicate surveys. For example, if you're creating similar surveys for each of your customer support team members, without going through the same procedure of creating a survey again - you can easily copy an existing one.

How to:

1. Open the survey, you want to copy, from your dashboard

2. Click "Edit the survey" on the top right and than click on the copy survey icon

3. The copy of the survey will open within the new tab.

4. Give it a nice title, check the configuration and launch/implement on your website or within your emails.

NB: Don't forget to add recipients if you're using the email channel or create a new pin for the audience poll.

Solutions to common questions:

Q – Can I copy my survey to a different channel?

A – The survey is copied with the same configurations as the original one, including the channel type. It's not possible to change the channel type.

Q – Can I copy the recipients (email channel)?

A – The recipients are not carried over from the original survey.

Q – Can I copy the survey multiple times?

A – It's not possible to specify upfront the number of copies you would like to make. You can click on the "Copy" icon N times - thus creating N copies of the survey.

Q – Is the copy of my survey automatically launched?

A – Copy of link survey is active, once created. Share or send the link to your customers. Add and save unique PIN if you're setting up an audience poll.
For email channel - add recipients and launch.
For website overlay and embedded channels - don't forget to implement the new code snippet to your website or your emails. 

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