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A non-technical FAQ for using the zenloop API

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This is our FAQ for using the zenloop API, and you can see our documentation for implementation here.


Solutions to common questions:

Q – What is an API?

A – An API is a way for your system to communicate directly with ours. This allows you to do many of the things that you can do through our application, but in a more scalable way.


Q – What does the zenloop API allow you to do?

A – The zenloop API makes importing and exporting data at scale a lot easier. In particular, you can:

  • Add recipients: Add recipients and properties based on a trigger set up in your system (for example, after a purchase or delivery)

  • Add recipients in bulk: Add recipients in bulk (for instance if you want to send out a very large survey on a regular basis)

  • Get answers: Export all of the answers and their details of a survey into your system. This will also let you get information on the overall score

  • Get surveys: Export a list of all the surveys you have running, and their details


Q – What are some common use cases?

A – We can split this into two broad sets of use cases: importing and exporting data.

Importing Data:

  • Automated surveys based on triggers. Say you’ve just had a purchase on your website, or finished responding to a customer service request. Rather than manually adding the customer to an NPS Survey, your system can automatically push this recipient’s details through to us in real-time

  • Large scale data import. If you have a large amount of recipients to import, and need to do so regularly and there is variability in the list, this provides a great alternative to using CSV.

Exporting Data:

  • Get any data on answers or surveys directly into your system, so that you can incorporate it into any other analysis or BI tools you have.


Q – How do I set up my API?

A – You can find detailed instructions on implementation in our documentation.


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