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Adding Hyperlinked Text in Website Surveys
Adding Hyperlinked Text in Website Surveys

Add an additional link to your website surveys

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If you want to include additional elements, such as a link to your Privacy Policy, use this script after the main survey script:

document.addEventListener('zl.loaded', function() {
setTimeout(function() {
var footer = document.getElementsByClassName("zl-footer")[0];
var a = document.createElement('a');
var link = document.createTextNode("Our terms & conditions");
a.href = ""; = "_blank";
}, 1000);

and change a.href to the destination URL and replace "Our terms & conditions" with your text.

The link will appear with a delay but will be visible under the survey.

So if you're also adding identities and/or properties, the order of the scripts should be:

  1. Identities/Properties

  2. Survey

  3. Additional Elements (such as linked text)

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